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Ways to Ask Your Prom Date to Prom

If you're a guy, you'll probably be expected to go all out and be romantic. If you're a girl, the guy might feel intimidated and embarrassed so don't wait for him to get his act together because the prom is this year, remember. Here are fun and fearless ideas to help you make the first move.

Put Hershey's kisses in the doorway of their house or bedroom along with a note that says "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, will you grace me with your presence at prom?"

Lie down in front of the person's house. Have a friend trace the outline of your body with chalk. Leave a note behind that says "I'd DIE to go to prom with you. Will you come to prom with me?" 

Take a bag of flour, and attach a note saying that there is a surprise waiting inside for them (although there truly isn't!). That night, he or she will go through the bag of flour looking for something. The next day, leave a rose with a note that says..."Oops! Wrong flower, will you go out with me anyway?". 

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Put a formal invitation in giant homemade ice cube. The message could say, "Please don't leave me out in the cold, you'll go out with me this coming . . ." or "It would be really cool if you'd . . ." 

If you know his favorite radio station, call in a song request. Make sure the DJ dedicates the song to your guy and then relays your question over the airwaves. Here's an example: "This one goes out to Tom from Sarah. She wants to know, Will you be her prom date?" After you've put in your request, call him and tell him to listen up.

Look in any teen magazine right now, and you'll find pictures of prom dresses. Cut out a pretty dress. Next, you could find an old picture of you and a picture of her, like the ones in your yearbook. Put the picture of her face on the dress next to a picture of you. When you've got a private moment with her and the time is right, give her the picture and tell her what a beautiful couple you'd make at the prom. At a minimum, you'll get points for being original.

Get an old clock that runs on batteries and has an alarm. Attach a note saying something like "If you have the time, would you like to go out with me?" Then set the alarm for about a minute later than the time you will drop it off and leave it on their porch or by their window at night.

Find an old bottle, paint a few tiny flowers on it, tie a ribbon around the neck, enclose your message inside-and have it delivered mysteriously to his/her door.

Show up at her locker after school with a flower and ask her.

Send a telegram. You can either send the real thing or make your own--and have it delivered by a friend. Better yet, convince a few of your friends to don crazy outfits, and work up a "singing telegram" to be performed on the front steps.

True Story

This is how my boyfriend of two and a half years asked me to his prom: He drove me to this little secluded lake that is surrounded by a bunch of trees. It was getting dark already. He parked the car and we walked down to the shore. Up on the bank was a small canoe, to which he says "Let's go out on the lake, I'll teach you how to fish." So, I slowly crawled in and let him push us into the water. Once he rowed us to the middle of the lake, he handed me a fishing reel and told me to simply reel in the line. I did so, and at the end of the reel was a glass bottle of Sparkling Cider! I reached over to pull it out of the water, and when I turned back to him he was holding two champagne glasses in one hand and a rose in the other!! I just melted, which is when he smiled and said "Kellie, will you go to prom with me?" I said "YES! Of course" and then, this is the best part, out there in the middle of a peaceful lake, with the stars above us, FIREWORKS started to go off!! He had planned it so that his friend would set them off after I said yes! (There was a walkee talkee onboard). So that is how I got asked to prom. I will never, ever forget it!! 

Slip the date information into a fortune cookie. Get a small takeout box from a nearby Chinese restaurant and deliver it. You could also take your date out to Chinese food and work it out with the restaurant ahead of time to give your date the "prepared" fortune cookie (if you do this you may want to have an unwrapped cookie given to you too so it doesn't see so obvious).

 If you're sure of yourself and your would-be date, go ahead and take out an ad in your school newspaper. For instance, "Tom, I want you to be my prom date. How about it? Laura" Talk about a bold move. What guy could resist such confidence?

Send her a card telling her why you'd like her to be your date, noting the things you like about her. This will make her feel special.

Get one of your old parking tickets (or one of your friend's) and slip it behind the windshield wiper of his car along with a note from you. He'll be so relieved that he doesn't have to pay a fine -- and he'll be only too happy to spend the money on a ticket to the prom.

How to ask a girl to a dance: Put a large bag of flour on her doorstep with this paper: The Recipe for prom 1. First add a pinch of excitement. 2. Mix in some happiness. 3. Sprinkle in a group of smiles. 4. Throw in a bundle of fun. 5. Add a drop of thrills and suspense. 6. Lastly, sift through the flour to find out who is asking you. Do not put your name in the flour. Instead, an hour later drop off a flower with your name in it and a sign that says Whoops! Wrong Flower!

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then order a pizza to be delivered to his house and ask the delivery guy to write a note from you on the inside flap of the box. Imagine his delight when he opens up the box and finds not only a hot, delicious pizza but also your invitation staring him in the face!

Plan an afternoon in the park, or any romantic place, and tell her how honored you'd be if she'd be your date.

Something along the lines of "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I need a prom date, How about you?" Just slip it into his locker when he's not around. Just make sure that you sign your name.

Find an old bottle, put a message inside asking your prom date to go to the prom with you. Asking for parent's permission in either fill tub and leave there for her to find or leave it floating in the pool if she has one. Another way is to tight the bottle to a fishing line and through in a near by lake near the shore and tight it to a tree trunk. then take your date to the spot and point to the bottle floating in the lake pretend to retrieve it with a stick. See her excitement as you have her read the message in the bottle.

Get a plain white t-shirt. It can be any material you choose. Write your name on it in permanent marker. Write the names of about 30 other girls/boys (same gender as you) in washable marker, but make sure that the marker comes out in the wash. Write a note that says to wash the shirt to find out who asked him/her to prom, so that when he/she washes it only your name will be left. (Specify that they shouldn't wash the shirt with other clothes.) Tell them that if the answer is yes, they should wear the shirt the next day. Wrap it up and leave it on his/her doorstep, or mail it.

Send her a goofy e-mail greeting with a poem you wrote about the prom, ending in your request. The sillier, the better: "Roses are red, violets are blue. Prom won't be fun, if I'm not with you." You're bound to get a laugh, and hopefully a date.

Check out your date's yard and decide on three to five hiding places for messages. Map it out and be creative in how many steps and what kind of steps to take from place to place. Leave a piece of candy and a "good job" note at all but the last place. Leave the the invitation at the last one.
Make a map for your date to follow. On the map write, "Follow this map. Your Friday night may depend on it."

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More Creative Ways to ask a Girl to a Prom

It's much more fun to invite or answer an invitation for a date creatively. The following are some suggestions for asking a girl to prom in a creative way, but can also be used by girls to ask guys to dances or for other dates.

If you share a class together, here's your chance to go back to the good old days of elementary school. Pass him a note that says: Be my prom date? Check one: __ Yes. Don't make room for "No" -- and you can't lose.

Attach a note to a remote control car asking them to go to the prom with you and to write their answer on the note itself (provide them with a pen, too!). Knock on your date's door and quickly run and hide. When your date answers the door, drive the car up to them with the note and wait until they answer and close the door before driving the car back to you. 

Buy a bag of Hershey kisses and take out all the little papers that say kisses, replacing them with little papers that state things you liked about him/her. You can number them, creating a message when put together in order (invitation or a poem).

Send the following note: Genesis 2:18 reminds us that" It is not good that a man should be alone...." "Would you join me for next weeks dance?"

Leave several goldfish in their bathtub. Leave a note saying, "Of all the fish in the sea, I chose you to . . ." (Go to the Prom, spend my Friday night with, etc.)

The theme was " A night under the stars". While person is out with his friends, go to his/her house and decorated his/her closet doors. Take  yellow poster board and write: "Star light star bright, first star you'll see tonight; I wish you may I wish you might, be my date for Prom Night" and hang that up in the middle. Then took a bunch of glow in the dark stars, and star stickers and decorated around the poster on the closet door. It looks really cool and he/she will love it. 

If you're good with words, try altering the stanzas in a well-known song or poem to fit the occasion. Print them on a colored sheet of paper and have it delivered.

Have someone dressed up like Moses deliver the invitation worded like the 10 commandments--e.g. Thou shalt have no other dates before me, Thou shalt be ready at 7 pm on the 23rd of May, 1999, etc. (To answer this invitation, you could make a pan of Red JELL-O with the answer at the bottom in the middle--so that the person would have to part the "Red Sea.")

Make wanted posters around the school, neighborhood, or home of your prom date that has his picture on it. Offer a reward to him when he comes to your house. Dress up like a sheriff when you ask him.

Go somewhere where you know they are dressed up like a bag lady, a polka king, Elvis, a hippie, a mother in her bathrobe and curlers with a lunch box, or some other embarrassing costume and ask them out like that in front of everyone!

Serenade under one of their windows. Make up new words to a song you and your friends know. The new words give the information about the date. For example, new words for "In the Still of the Night." "Come with me, Friday night. Seven o'clock until midnight. Dinner first, then a dance. Come on baby. Give me a chance. Come with me Friday night (Come with me Friday night-----)."

Put the question in a piƱata with lots of candy.

And remember, it's only the prom! But do choose your prom date wisely. Why? Just check out these prom date disaster stories.

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