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Prom Sex

It sounds cheesy, but there is just something magical about the prom. Ask teenager who's looking forward to their prom and they can probably tell you how many weeks, days and hours it is before they step into their limo with their dates and head off to one big party. Maybe it's the ride in a stretch limo that makes you feel like a celebrity, or the glamorous attire. It could be the lights that decorate the ballroom, or being out all night. No matter what it is that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Some people would say that they feel that having prom sex  or at least have sex after prom is expected. Sex after prom night has been known to happen and that's when mistakes happen, and the real trouble starts. A lot of guys and girls feel a lot of pressure to have sex on prom night because it is like a tradition.

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But you want to remember prom for the right reasons, not for having sex after prom. It might seem like everyone is having sex on prom night, but the truth is that it's a personal decision, so don't feel like you have to give in and do something you are not prepare to do. This means choosing a date you're comfortable with and deciding what you will and won't happen after prom..

The rule of thumb whenever you're about to do something that's bordering on stupid or dangerous like having sex on prom is to back off. While you might not consider prom sex, if there's a possibility that prom night might be the night to have sex, think about what you need to make your experience safe. You might want to rethink your situation after the first few kisses, demand to be taken home. Try to give yourself breathing room and keep your options open. More likely than not, your date will stop after you utter your first imperative, a firm, "No!" Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to voice your feelings. If you choose to keep on going ( A lot of teens decide to have sex on prom night because they may think that having sex on prom night will make it that much more special.), here are some suggestions for how to be prepared.

Be smart, always carry protection (condoms) whether you think you are going to do it or not. This goes for both girls and guys. There is no age requirement for buying them.

Formulate an exit strategy. If say no doesn't work, you can always call for help if you don't feel safe. Have a cell phone with you even if it is borrow for the night.

If you decide on reducing your liability  by doing oral sex, using a barrier can help reduce the risk of infections. It is important that you use a condom to cover the penis, or a Glyde® dam or plastic wrap to cover the vulva or anus.

Of course, there's more to safer sex than just using condoms and keeping ECPs on hand. You can choose to practice outer course, which can include kissing, body rubbing, dry humping and masturbation, however it is important that you keep body fluids away from the vagina, anus, and mouth to reduce the risk of pregnancy and infectious diseases. 

Dating someone who is sexually active and wants to have sex when you don't will probably cause conflict, then consider going to the prom with a good friend instead of your boyfriend but to remember that even if your prom date is just a friend, you should still discuss your limits for the night, including sex, drugs, and alcohol..

The decision whether or not to have sex on prom or after the prom should not be taken lightly. While planning can help you avoid sticky situations, you may still find yourself facing choices. Say you end up at a party with drugs and alcohol which will impair your judgment and make you feel invincible, which can lead to bigger problems and you start to feel uncomfortable then tell your prom date that you want go home or go have breakfast.

Parents remember to discuss sex with your teenagers before their prom night. Parents should insist that their daughter or son carries condoms, just in case she or he makes the choice to partake in prom sex. Parents should buy the condoms themselves on behalf of their teenagers and place them in their hands and say just in case. If there is one thing that you should remember tonight is to use one of these if the situation calls for. This alleviate the pressure of having to have a long conversation. If prom night is considered a passage into adult hood, then you as a parent must also take the leap and treat your teenager at least for that one night as an adult and that means talking to them like an adult. While you're determined to be their best friend, and not intrude on their teenage need for privacy, they're dealing with issues of promiscuity, abstinence, birth control, reputation and other common teen dilemmas in which they need your total guidance. In the end, the best preparation for your child's prom night is a lifetime of teaching and guidance. While it may be weird discussing with your teenager it is better than them not being aware of all of their options they have to be safe.

When asking your child about their intended activities after the prom if you end up getting a response like hanging out you may cause to be concerned. If your child is planning on going to a private party at another household or they are not giving you a straight answer as to where they are going after the prom you may want to consider inviting them back to your home where you may be able to keep a watchful eye. Sexual pressures occur even when there is only your teenager and his or her date but the pressure multiplies when additional teenagers are around.

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